October 14, 2017

Recently people are searching for Aadhar Card status. This guide will tell you how to check the UID card status online. There are more than one ways to check the status, we will talk about each of them in details in this article. Recently, the government is is trying to make the card mandatory for various things and services. Therefore, a lot of people have started to registered themselves in the Adhar Card Service. It takes maximum 90 days for the aadhaar card to reach the person’s home. Meanwhile, they can check the status of their registration online or offline as well.

Enrollment Status of Aadhaar card:

Checking the status of adhar card is very easy. People with Internet or no Internet can do it anytime. It is a free process and people can check UID status as many times as they want.

aadhar card status

Before jumping to the status let us talk about the official website of UIDAI. The Unique Identification Authority of India is the governing organisation of Aadhaar. Their official website is uidai.gov.in. One can not only check are there status but also they can download duplicate UID card and update their details also.

Therefore, while trying to check the status people may encounter many websites. Please do not enter your Aadhaar details on these websites. The only place where you can enter your details is the official UIDAI website.

Requirements to check Aadhar status:

To check the status of the new adhar card one need the enrollment slip. However, if you wish to check the update status then you need the URN. We will talk about the new Aadhar Card status enquiry and the status of update also.

The acknowledgement slip you get from the enrollment Centre after registration has the EID. The EID has 28 digits. The first 14 digits of this EID is the enrollment number. The last 14 digits are the date and time of registration respectively.

One need the enrollment number to check UID status by sms. EID is needed to check online Aadhar status. So now let’s check the steps of online method first.

aadhar card update status

Aadhar status at uidai.gov.in:

As you mentioned before, the adhar card status enquiry can be done on the official website only. This website is not associated with the UIDAI. So we request everyone to not write there other information on this website.

  • Go to the official UIDAI website.
  • Click on check status.
  • Now enter the EID.
  • Next enter the security code.
  • Finally, click on check status.

Official link

How to check Aadhar Card update status:

The steps for this process is similar to above. Click on check UIDAI update status on the official website. After that enter your Aadhaar Card number and update reference number. Finally, click on check status.

This will display the status of update. Is the update is complete you can download the new card from the official website. Now let’s check the offline method of checking UID card status.

Offline UID status:

This is a very suitable method for people without any Internet access. We have provided the text format below.

UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>

Now send this SMS to 5169.

You will get a reply from 5169 with the status of the card. So hope this guide was helpful. If you have any confusion on aadhar card status, comment below.

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